Proactively Create Your Balance Plan

If I were to tell you what my life was like from November 2021 to the early part of 2022, you may ask me how am I functioning at this moment because there are still remnants remaining from that time of my life. From my dad dying 3 times (He is ALIVE today. THANK GOD!) to being “hit” by C 19 in more than one way, I felt like I was in a whirlwind that had complete control over my life – not knowing if I was coming or going.

Fast forward to today, although things seem to still be moving at a fast pace, I have been able to take a moment to sit on the beach and regain my “balance”. As the CEO of a major company, an active parent, and the caregiver of my parents, things can easily seem to become discombobulated and cause me to feel as if I am all over the place…until I am reminded of one thing. I am often reminded that I am human and that I need to be able to put on my oxygen mask first before I can do anything else.  

Being able to put on your oxygen mask first requires ownership and balance. You need to take ownership in knowing what your limits are – what can potentially break you? Once you are able to identify your breaking points, you then need to be proactive when putting a balance plan in place…and that doesn’t mean that balance plan has to be anything major. For me balance is being able to get away on my own to sit in a place of solitude and peace. That requires planning a trip and taking time away from the office, but it is something my entire being needs. For you, balance may be curling up on the sofa with a favorite book or going for a walk. Whatever it is for you, become familiar with your breaking points enough to know how to activate your balance plan before you completely burn out. Sometimes you need to put routine things in place (i.e. Routine exercise days, scheduled alone time, etc.) to have consistency within your balance plan. Whatever you need to do, intentionally put things in place (on your calendar) that will encourage you to step away from the “chaos” as needed to regroup and rejuvenate. 

Believe me, we (as business owners) often wonder if things will fall apart if we take time off, but that requires us to put a dependable team in place and actually TRUST the team to do what they are supposed to do. That’s another article for another day. You would rather things fall apart (that are fixable/redeemable) than for you to completely burn out and your body have more control over you than you over it. 

I encourage you to take a moment to find the balance that you need in your life…even if it is to acknowledge that you need to implement a balance plan.

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